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Eunice training women in Kambiti

Reducing Snakebite Envenomation in East Africa by 2030

Snake Community Action Network

Take action to help us reach more communities

Sam at Donyo Coffee School.jpeg
Sam Gitau training at a primary school

Our Initiatives

We are working to reduce snakebite in Kenya and East Africa by 50% by 2030, along with World Health Organization goals.  Our motto is to "reach them however we can, wherever we can, with whomever is at hand."  Our initiatives include outreach to villages, schools, businesses, and friends and family to save as many lives as we can.

Nganana training Maasai herdsmen in Tanzania

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inform communities in East Africa about snakes to save lives, especially in areas where people are at risk of venomous snakebites.  

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Recent News

Recently, Mary Mumbi organized a training for the group Stand Up Shout Out in Kenya.  She even brought a snake along to introduce to the participants.  Photo courtesy of Moses Okoyo.

Jacinta conducting community training in Kambiti

Take Part

You are a pivotal part of our missions in Kenya and East Africa.  We need you and your generous spirit to help us reach into the communities most in need to help prevent snakebite from ever occurring.

Snakebite Statistics


Deaths Globally Per Year Due To Snakebite


Deaths Due To Snakebite In Kenya Alone Per Year


Become Permanently Disabled Per Year In Kenya Due To Snakebite


"Reach them however we can, wherever we can, with whomever is at hand ..."

Organization Motto

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